Global Digital Platform

Pila's GDP is an industrial unique solution for a blockchain business network aiming at a decentralized, transparent, permissioned secure digital platform built using IBM's Hyperledger Fabric. Pila's framework automates Business Management under one umbrella. It's a unique design of fractals that helps to add-on the feature, plug-and-playable in every area of the business. It's an Ensuite for Global Digital Business Ecosystem.

Enterprise Blockchain Ecosystem

The real long-term potential of blockchain lies in its ability to help organizations exploit the immutability and provenance of shared data, transact broadly with one another, and retain privacy and security for their data. Permissioned blockchain for business network is far different than bitcoin.

Blockchain for Business Network

Blockchain for business is poised to transform many of the world’s most fundamental business processes, opening the door to new styles of digital interactions that vastly reduce the cost and complexity of getting things done.

Blockchain for business is a Team Sport

Pila Blockchain Ecosystem is built on the foundation of IBM's Hyperledger Fabric, a new breed of blockchain suitable for business use across industries and the regulatory environments they operate in. From engagements with over 400 clients around the world and over 40 networks that have graduated to active states, IBM has proved a value-producing blockchain network.

Pila is extending the blockchain network to all it's engagement of Enterprise Suite to make it

Globally - unique and uniform

Digital - accessible from anywhere

Platform - distributed and transparent

Saas Ecosystem Platform

This Service will be available for your business too . Please reach out to us to know your industry.